Volume 04: Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Applied Energy, Part 3, Sweden, 2019

Analysis on Cascade Utilization of LNG Cold Energy Weiguo Zhou, Yang Luo


Based on the current situation and development planning of Meishan Planning Area Ningbo Province, this paper obtains a preliminary plan for cold energy utilization by analyzing the characteristics and feasibility of different LNG cold energy utilization methods. In order to improve the utilization ratio of LNG cold energy, this paper proposes a cascade utilization scheme for rubber cryogenic comminution, Meishan Ice and Snow World refrigeration and coastal fresh preservation storage, and builds a integrated LNG cold energy utilization industrial chain and determines the process of gradient utilization. Through economic analysis, it is concluded that cold energy utilization of LNG has great economic benefits.

Keywords LNG cryogenic energy, cascade utilization, economic analysis

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