Volume 05: Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Applied Energy, Part 4, Sweden, 2019

Experimental Characterization of Lithium-Ion Capacitors for Applications on Road Hybrid Vehicles Clemente Capasso*, Ottorino Veneri


This paper describes experimental activities for the characterization of Lithium-ion Capacitors (LiC), with particular focus on their application in road hybrid thermal-electric vehicles. These activities represent a valid methodology to perfor\m experimental characterization of storage systems based on lithium technology. With this aim, electrical and thermal characterizations of LiC storage cells and modules, carried out through experimental tests on advanced laboratory facilities, are described in this paper.
The obtained results represent a useful knowledge base to evaluate optimal design and energy management strategies of the on board storage systems for their real application on the vehicle.

Keywords Energy Storage Systems, Road Hybrid Vehicles, Lithium-Ion Capacitors, Equivalent Circuit Models.

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