Volume 11: Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Applied Energy, Part 3, Thailand/Virtual, 2020

Optimal Retrofit and Evaluation Method of Integrated Community Energy System Yan Cao, Yan Qi, Congshan Wang, Qian Jiang, Qingzhu Zhang


With the promotion and application of multi-energy integration and distributed generation technologies, integrated community energy system (ICES) has developed rapidly. However, some ICESs have weak links such as poor economy, low energy efficiency, which restrict the effective operation of ICES. To solve this problem, an optimal retrofit method for ICES is proposed in this paper, which includes capacity expansion of the existing equipment and investment of new types of equipment. The proposed method takes the minimum total cost as the objective and sets equipment capacity and operation constraints during the process of retrofit. What’s more, the economic index, primary energy efficiency and PV energy consumption rate are adopted to evaluate the effects of the retrofit. Finally, the effectiveness of this method is verified by the case study.

Keywords integrated community energy system, retrofit, evaluation, planning

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