Volume 03: Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Applied Energy, Part 2, Sweden, 2019

Real Time Wind Power Accommodation Capability Evaluation Considering Security Constraints of Power Grid Zhijun Long, Changhong Deng, Haotian Zhang


The intermittent of wind power poses a challenge to operation security and stability of power system. The power grid has the potential to guide wind power to be accommodated in a wider geographical region, and its impact is more prominent in real-time dispatch and controlling. Considering the constraints of bus voltage and branch power flow, this paper focus on the of wind power accommodation capability (WPAC) of system and buses, the coupling relationship of the WPAC of different buses is analyzed. In order to assistant real-time dispatch, an evaluation method of WPAC in real-time dispatch considering security constraints of power grid is proposed, which transforms security constraints of power gird into bus output constraints, evaluates WPACs of the system and different buses at a certain period in real time dispatch. The reasonableness and effectiveness of the presented method is validated by case study.

Keywords renewable energy resources, wind power accommodation capability, coordination control, real time dispatch

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