Volume 04: Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Applied Energy, Part 3, Sweden, 2019

Resistance Study on Methane Hydrate Distribution in Quartz Sand and Excess Water Juan He, Xiaosen Li, Zhaoyang Chen, Yu Zhang, Zhiming Xia, Kefeng Yan


Hydrate distribution controls the properties of hydrate-bearing sediments. Few methods cannot be available to understand hydrate distribution characteristics macroscopically at present. Designing a large-scaled pressure vessel possessing five measuring positions, we investigated hydrate distributions through the features of resistances in quartz sands and excess water. The results show that gas and hydrate governed the characteristics of resistances during hydrate formation stage. Different increasing fluctuations of resistances can show hydrate distributions. In our experiment, hydrates were considered to mainly distribute in the middle of horizontal artificial sediments. The resistances of hydrate-bearing sediments may offer a reference to hydrate distributions.

Keywords resistance, hydrate formation, non-uniform distribution, excess-water

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