Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

1D Modelling of a Micro Gas Turbine for Multi-generation Camran Purewal, Ahmed Rezk, David Smith



1D modelling for micro gas turbines (MGTs) is a major area of interest in the field of distributed multigeneration. In this paper a 1D simulation model for a commercialised MGT has been developed and validated against the manufacturer data using SimcenterAmesim. The developed model is a primarily tool to address the operational challenges of MGT, investigate future fuelling and investigate its integration with other energy storage / conversion systems. At this stage of research, the agility of the developed model is demonstrated by carrying out a parametric study to investigate the effect of varying the compressor inlet temperature on the overall system performance. Itwas revealed that the air mass flow rate was very sensitive to compressor inlet temperature change. Varying the compressor inlet temperature from 278K to 308K showed an increase of systemefficiency by 1.2%.

Keywords Micro gas turbine, multi-generation, 1D modelling

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