Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

A Bi-Layer Optimal Configuration Method for Distribution Network Incorporating Tidal Current Generator Huaiyuan Tian, Demin Cui, Haibing Zhao, Wenhao Gao, Yang Ge, Xiaobo Li, Haitao Sun, Zhaoyu Li*



With the depletion of fossil energy, research on clean energy generation is developing rapidly. Though tidal phenomena contain a great deal of kinetic energy which can generate considerable power, few researches focus on configuration method of tidal generator in distribution network. In this paper, a bi-layer configuration method of tidal current turbine (TCT) in distribution network is proposed. The proposed method includes a TCT output simulation process which obtains the TCT output time-sequence curve based on historic data, and a bi-layer optimal configuration model which not only takes into account of the economics of both TCT and distribution network, but also considers the environment benefit. The configuration model is solved by using genetic algorithm and optimal power flow calculation. And, test results on IEEE 30-bus standard system verify the correctness and effectiveness of the proposed method.

Keywords Tidal current generation, power grid planning, data mining, bi-layer optimization, optimal power flow

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