Volume 6: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part V

A Comparative Experimental Study on the Performance of Absorption Heat Transformer for Production of Water and Steam Feng Liu, Jun Sui, Runhua Jiang, Hongguang Jin



This study presents an experimental rig of singlestage heat transformer (SSHT), to compare its performances in case of producing high-temperature water (HTW) or low-pressure steam (LPS). SSHT was built with four vertical falling film heat exchangers using a LiBr-water binary working fluid and is driven by lowgrade hot water. Bilateral falling film vertical absorber is adopted for production of HTW or LPS. Following the principle of single variable, the effects of temperature and flowrate of heating water on the useful output heat, coefficient of performance (COP) and gross temperature lift (GTL) of the vertical SSHT were tested, respectively. The results show that bilateral falling film made it easier for the absorber to generate HTW and LPS directly. In case of producing water or steam, temperature at inlet and flowrate of heating water have similar effect on the useful output heat and COP. To some extent, we can improve the performance of SSHT by increasing the temperature.

Keywords vertical single-stage heat transformer, low pressure steam, bilateral falling film absorber, coefficient of performance, gross temperature lift

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