Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

A Demonstration of Building and Transportation Integration System for Smart City Xiaoen Li, George You Zhoua, C.C. Chan, Chen Wu, Yi Zong, Shi You



Building & transportation have been the major sectors for the energy consumption of modern city. The recent development of distributed energy resources is attracting extensive attention from city designers, primarily driven by the transition need towards a future smart city. Key challenges exist from planning, design, construction, build, operation and service due to the barrier in regulation and engineering practice between building, transportation and energy industry as well information technology & recent rising industry of the Internet of things (IoT). This paper proposed a novel energy system infrastructure to create a synergy to accommodate the diverse temporal and spatial features cross building, transportation, energy and information domain. In addition, this concept is carrying out in an official area for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic game and is also discussing for the implement in NEOM, Saudi Arabia. This paper mainly discusses the latest progress of the demonstration for the 2022 Winter Olympic.

Keywords smart city, BIPV, energy storage system, electric vehicle, solar energy

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