Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

A Design of Integrated Energy System Based on Optimistic and Pessimistic Criterion under Uncertainty Congshan Wang, Jing Xu, Ke Xu, Yi Song, Wanqing Chen, Kai Yuan, Yunfei Mu



A two-stage program for the integrated energy system (IES) based on Optimistic and Pessimistic criterion is presented in this paper, considering the uncertainty of energy price. Then, based on the framework of the energy hub in IES, the model of energy management is well formulated to minimize the total cost according to the Optimistic and Pessimistic criterion. Furthermore, the proposed model is solved by Aimms solver. Finally, a case study based on Optimistic and Pessimistic criterion is employed to examine the characteristic of the proposed model for the decisionmaker.

Keywords energy hub, integrated energy system, optimistic and pessimistic criterion, uncertainty

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