Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

A Distribution System Reliability Assessment Approach Considering Multi-Faults by Impact Increment Based Monte Carlo Lukun Ge, Kai Hou*,Hongjie Jia, Lewei Zhu, Yunfei Mu, Xiaodan Yu, Dan Wang



The reliability evaluation of distribution network is an important part of power system. In the extreme situation caused by aging or weather, the multi-fault affect the distribution network reliability. There are only few reliability assessment approach considered the impact of multi-faults. It’s necessary to have a method that can ensure both accuracy and efficiency. The impact increment method based on Monte Carlo sampling (IIMC) can meet the requirements in transmission network. After improving the independent faults identification by distribution network structure, the RBTS Bus6 system is used as an example to test the effectiveness of IIMC. Compared with traditional Monte Carlo sampling. When the failure rate of components is high for the aging and other reasons, the result can show the advantage of IIMC.

Keywords Distribution system, Multi-faults, Impact increment, Monte Carlo sampling

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