Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

A Dynamic Optimal Expansion Planning Model Integrating Renewable Energy Sources Saheed Lekan Gbadamosi*,Nnamdi I. Nwulu



As the development of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) technologies increases, the problem of intermittency and variability from the RES integration into the grid arises for system planners. Therefore, this paper presents a dynamic multi-objective optimization model for the generation and transmission expansion planning (GTEP) problem with consideration to renewable energy sources. The proposed mathematical model minimizes the investment costs for transmission network and renewable energy expansion planning, operation costs and emissions for fossil fuel generating units as well as maximizes the economic incentives for utilizing renewable energy generating units. The dynamic planning strategy for the optimization problem is to consider the annual investment decisions associated with renewable energy sources integration and its effects on the GTEP procedure. The developed model is solved using CPLEX 12.8.3 and applied to a Garver’s six bus test system and the numerical results show that the dynamic model permits system planners to adjust the system to future changes with time and ensures more utilization of renewable energy sources annually.

Keywords Dynamic planning, Renewable energy source, Expansion, Generation and transmission system.

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