Volume 9: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part I

A Holistic Supply and Demand Co-optimization for Distributed Energy System Meng Wang, Hang Yu, Rui Jing



The distributed energy system is considered to be introduced in urban area, which proposes a new effective approach to improve the efficiency of energy system and the sustainability of urban. The present study proposes an integrated approach for optimal design of distributed energy system considering the optimization of supply side and demand side simultaneously. On the demand side, a scenario tree is established to quantify the energy saving technology including envelop upgrades of window, wall, roof. On the supply side, another scenario tree is developed to describe the variation of solar radiation, typical days, and typical seasons. Moreover, a MILP model is built to optimize the economic performance taking carbon tax into account. The results indicate that the combination of optimal selection of energy saving technology and optimal design of energy conversion technology enables the DES model to improve the economic performance, especially considering the carbon tax. Moreover, the optimal system configuration and dispatch strategy become more reasonable and flexible by introducing the demand side technology into DES planning model.

Keywords Distributed energy system, Programming model, Co-optimization of supply and demand, Carbon tax.

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