Volume 35: CCUS Technologies for the Carbon Neutrality: Part III

A Method for Predicting the Phase Characteristics and Physical Properties of Carbon Dioxide Containing Impurities under Various Transport Conditions Yubo Jiao, Hongyu Wu, Fanpeng Meng, Wenwei Zhang, Kunfeng Zhu, Jianfeng Liu, Jingyi Wang, Jie Chen, Wenyuan Sun



Based on the cubic equation of state, the effect of impurities such as nitrogen, methane, hydrogen and oxygen on the characteristics of phase behavior of carbon dioxide (CO2) was discussed in this study. A prediction model of the phase characteristics of CO2 system containing impurities was established by correlating phase equilibrium and critical state prediction. Additionally, a mathematical model for the calculation of physical properties of the multi-component system was established. The changing rules of the physical properties including density, viscosity, Joule-Thomson coefficient, and specific heat capacity at constant pressure were analyzed. Based on the constructed prediction model, the analysis of phase properties and physical properties of impurity-containing CO2 streams under various transport conditions was carried out. The comparison of the prediction results with the experimental results shows that the prediction accuracy was improved under certain conditions, which provides a certain theoretical basis for the analysis of pipeline transmission chain in the CCUS engineering practice.

Keywords Impurity-containing CO2, CO2 physical properties, CO2 phase properties

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