Volume 20: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part III

A MINLP Scheduling Model Based on the Coupling of the Byproduct Gases, Steam and Power in Iron and Steel Industry Sheng Xie, Datao Shi, Qi Zhang



Byproduct gases, steam and electricity are important energy medium coupling tightly in the iron and steel plant. The implementing of time-of-use (TOU) power price in Chinese countries has made it possible to reduce operation cost and relieve the stress of the electricity on the grid with optimal distribution of byproduct gases between boilers and gasholders. In this paper, a scheduling model based on the coupling of the byproduct gases, steam and power considering the TOU power price is proposed. In this model, the quadratic fitting curves are used to describe the operating characteristic of boilers and turbines in the energy management system. The results show that the model can distribute the gases more reasonable considering the steady operation of equipment and the TOU power price, that have the higher average efficiency to generate more power and reduce the operation cost by 3.2%.

Keywords TOU power price, coupling, gasholder, optimization, MINLP, efficiency

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