Volume 14: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part III

A model for triple generation of cooling, heating and power with a seasonal pumped thermal energy storage Scharrer D, Eppinger B, Bazan P, Zigan L, Will S, German R



In this work the possibility of a triple generation system for a seasonal pumped thermal energy storage (PTES) is investigated. Residential cooling via a heat pump (HP) is used to load a simple seasonal thermal storage during the summer season and unload it when the requirement of residential heating occurs. While unloading the high temperate, heat is used to power an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), whose low temperature condensation heat is then used to heat the building. Therefore, power and heat is stored in the summer and used during the winter. This combines the usage of increased renewable power generation during the summer, especially from photovoltaic and the reduction of fossil or power intensive heating requirements during the winter. Power to power efficiencies of up to 29.2 % with latent and 25.4 % with sensible storages were achieved.

Keywords energy storage, residential heating, residential cooling, seasonal storage, pumped thermal energy storage, triple generation

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