Volume 27: Closing Carbon Cycles – A Transformation Process Involving Technology, Economy, and Society: Part II

A multi-criteria approach for comparing alternative fuels and energy systems for marine applications G.N. Montagna, S. Piccardo, M. Rivarolo, D. Bellotti, L. Magistri



This paper presents an algorithm to compare traditional and innovative energy systems for maritime applications, adopting a multi-criteria method. The algorithm includes a large and updated database of market solutions. Two case studies are investigated: (i) a sailing yacht (ii) and a large-size cruise ship. For case (i), Fuel Cells represent a competitive solution, in particular considering navigation in emission control areas; the installation of electrical batteries is also evaluated. For case study (ii) Internal Combustion Engines are the best solution: the evaluation of alternative fuels (LNG, ammonia, methanol) is performed, also in dual-fuel configuration.

Keywords HELM tool, multicriteria analysis, maritime sector, alternative fuels, comparison software

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