Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

A Novel Combined Power and Refrigeration Cycle Based on Zeotropic Mixtures Hydrate Yue Zhang, Li Zhao*, Shuai Deng, Weicong Xu, Xianhua Nie, Zhenyu Du



Clathrate hydrate has various applications, for example, cold storage, gas transportation, CO2 capture and storage, sea water desalination, etc. Hydrate could even be applied to separate zeotropic mixtures, and the separation processes are accompanied with heat absorbing and releasing. Thus, the hydrate separation method is proposed be used in the component adjustable Organic Rankine cycle, replacing the conventional separator. In this paper, we presented a novel combined power and refrigeration cycle based on zeotropic mixtures hydrate. For the separation work could be utilized in the form of heat and there are better matching of working fluids and thermal processes, the novel cycle could meet the combined cooling and power supply, and the cycle efficiency is improved.

Keywords combined power and refrigeration cycles, Organic Rankine cycle, compositions adjustable, cycle efficiency, zeotropic mixtures, clathrate hydrate

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