Volume 8: Advances in Energy Innovation and Development

A Novel High Energy Density Sorption-based Thermal Battery for Low-grade Thermal Energy Storage Lingshi Wang, Xiaobing Liu, Kyle R. Gluesenkamp, Zhiyao Yang



Thermal energy storage (TES) can alleviate peak demand on the electricity grid by offsetting building thermal loads, increasing the grid’s reliability and resilience. However, low energy density and poor energy performance of existing TES technologies limit their applications. Sorption-based thermal battery (STB) system is thus developed using three-phase sorption technology to harvest low-temperature heat, store it with a much higher energy density than common TES systems and dehumidify air or provide space cooling in buildings. Although STB has been experimentally proved to be feasible, influencing factors on its performance are still unknown by far. Therefore, this paper conducted a parametric analysis on crystallization and crystal dissolution performance of a developed STB test rig. The crystallization results showed that the energy density of the STB increased with reducing the solution flow rate and the cooling water temperature. The dissolution results showed that a higher discharge rate of the STB can be achieved with increasing the flow rate and temperature of inlet diluted solution. The work in this study is helpful to the optimal design and operation of the STB system.

Keywords sorption-based thermal battery, crystallization, thermal energy storage, energy density, experimental investigation

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