Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

A Novel Railway Energy System Integrated with Photovoltaic Power Generation Hideyuki Chisaka, Naoki Shiraga, Nobusuke Kobayashi, Yoshinori Itaya, Tsuguhiko Nakagawa



In order to reduce CO2 emissions, PV & BEC railway system which is combined with Photovoltaic Power Generation (hereinafter referred to as PV) and Battery-powered Electric Railway Car (hereinafter referred to as BEC) has been proposed. However, the air-conditioning energy consumption is about 30% of the whole of railway car energy consumption. Therefore, it is important to improve the energy efficiency of the air-conditioner for railway cars. In this paper, a novel railway system which is integrated BEC, air-conditioners and PV has been proposed. In this system, Air-conditioner Integrated Electric Vehicle (hereinafter referred to as AI-EV) system which is combined air-conditioner with a power generator driven by a small engine is applied as an air-conditioning system for BEC. The effects of the novel railway system have been evaluated based on a theoretical simulation when a novel system is applied to the non-electrified sections of the Kibi line in Okayama prefecture.

Keywords Photovoltaic power generation, Electric railway car, Railway system

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