Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

A Parallel Reaction Kinetic Model Based on Weibull Distribution for Biomass Pyrolysis Tianbao Gu, Chungen Yin



Pyrolysis as the key stage of biomass thermochemical conversion processes draws increasing attention in past decades. Developing a kinetic model of biomass decomposition or bio-production is crucial for biomass pyrolysis process optimization and reactor design. In this paper, a novel kinetic model based on Weibull distribution is developed with the assumption of parallel reaction scheme during pyrolysis. The model is solved by an improved differential evolution algorithm and validated by the thermogravimetric analysis data of alpha cellulose, cardboard, and whitepaper. All the predicted results show good agreements with the corresponding experimental data. The present work provides a new model framework of biomass pyrolysis using Weibull distribution.

Keywords biomass pyrolysis, kinetic model, Weibull distribution, parallel reaction

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