Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

A Planning Method for Power Supply Systems in Industrial Parks Considering Demand Response Weiwei Xu, Dan Zhou*, Boliang Lou , Feng Chen, Huiwen Dai, Zhiwei Ren, Dong Liu



Industrial parks have shown an important development trend of employing distributed generations instead of traditional centralized power supply. This paper studies the planning method of power supply systems in industrial parks, considering demand side response based on day‐ahead real time pricing. An improved demand side response model is proposed to solve the imbalance of energy shifting and overwork of demand side response when price elasticity matrix is used. Furthermore, an optimal planning model is established, taking minimum total cost as the optimization objective, and solved by the GA‐PS algorithm. Additionally, two indexes, the ratio of distributed generation deficiency energy and the ratio of distributed generation deficiency hours, are proposed to characterize the complementary of multi‐energy. Finally, a case of a typical power supply system in an industrial park is given to validate the proposed method.

Keywords multi‐energy complementary, optimal planning method, power supply system in industrial parks, day‐ahead real time pricing, demand side response

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