Volume 6: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part V

A Preliminary Techno-Economic Analysis of Power to Ammnonia Processes Using Alkaline Electrolysis and Air Separation Unit Seok Young Lee, Jun-Hyung Ryu*, In-Beum Lee



Considerable attention has been given to utilize the redundant renewable energy with its increasing penetration in the overall energy system. The corresponding concept of “power to gas” is actively investigated by changing the power into hydrogen for using it later. Because of its benefit of efficiency and environmentally friendliness, hydrogen is obviously a promising energy source. On the other hand, it costs a lot to store and transport it in practice. It is necessary to transform it into hydrogen-containing materials that is cheap to store and deliver. Alternatively, this paper investigates the case of using ammonia. While the ammonia production processes have been already developed, using it as an energy carrier is a different issue. It should be evaluated in terms of various measures such as economic feasibility, safety, etc. Particularly, this paper investigates the techno-economic feasibility of power to ammonia technology. The overall ammonia production cost is estimated based on the process simulation by using the surplus electricity price. There is much to be done in addition to the current work for the implementation of P2G in practice. The insight obtained in this paper can be a good indicator for the implementation.

Keywords Power-to-Gas, Renewable energy, Process simulation, Electrolysis, Air separation unit, Ammonia synthesis

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