Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

A Quantitative Resilience Index of Power Systems Under Extreme Ice Disasters Ningyuan Zhao, Kai Hou, Hongjie Jia, Xiaonan Liu, Lewei Zhu, Dan Wang, Yunfei Mu, Xiaodan Yu



Extreme ice disasters may lead to a rapid degradation of power system performance. By using a fault probability model of transmission lines with respect to ice-wind loads, the impacts of ice disasters on power systems can be regarded as transmission line outages. To quantify these consequences, a quantitative resilience index is developed in this paper. Finally, the proposed index is testified on the IEEE RTS-79 test system. Results indicate that different enhancement measures can be evaluated based on the obtained resilience indices.

Keywords ice disasters, power systems, fault probability model, resilience index

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