Volume 30: Urban Energy Systems towards Carbon Neutrality

A Review of CO2 Sequestration in Underground Geological Formations: Recent Developments and Potential Opportunities in the Niger Delta Patrick A. Eigbe, Olatunbosun O. Ajayi, Olabode T. Olakoyejo, Opeyemi L. Fadipe, Steven Efe, Adekunle O. Adelaja



This paper evaluates the feasibility of CO2 storage in depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs using 3-D seismic and well data with particular reference to the Niger Delta. CO2 sequestration is a fundamental measure for decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. Based on the papers reviewed, the presence of reservoir-seal pairs, traps, faults, lateral continuity of reservoir, appropriate reservoir depth, developed hydrocarbon fields, and availability of massive hydrocarbon fields indicates a high potential for CO2 sequestration in the Niger Delta. The paper concludes that the estimations of the injection rate and injection pressure are essential considerations for CO2 sequestration and highlights the challenges and opportunities of future research.

Keywords CO2 sequestration, depleted hydrocarbon reservoir, Niger Delta

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