Volume 12: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part I

A Review of Regional Energy Internet Models Considering Complex Dynamic Evolution with Time Delay Min Guo, Yiming Xian, Mingchao Xia *



The model research of regional energy internet is of great significance to enhance the flexible coupling transformation of smart city multi-energy system, improve the reliability of energy supply and realize the preferential consumption of renewable energy. Based on the energy self-organization and energy community, from the perspective of complex network to carry out the wisdom of the city region energy complex dynamical network model research, through summarizing the many challenges facing the complex dynamic network institute, puts forward the study area energy Internet time-delay research idea and method of complex dynamic network model, to establish scientific value and practical significance of complex dynamic network model with time-delay system research theory and method.

Keywords smart city, regional energy internet, time-delay complex dynamic network, model, review

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