Volume 7: Urban Energy Systems: Building, Transport, Environment, Industry, and Integration

A Review of Smart Energy and Integrated Energy Service Business Model Zhenguo Wang, Qiang Liu, Shenxiong Lu, Xiaoxiao Chen, Xiaoming Zhou*, Yi Ding



Based on the high-potential 5G network and ubiquitous power Internet of things, the concept of smart energy has been proposed to solve the problem of optimal utilization of the power system’s generation, transmission, distribution, consumption, and the related services. Therefore, innovation and reformation will be doomed and embraced by smart energy in China’s energy system, which includes technological progress and system mechanism reform. In the meanwhile, new solutions and challenges would be provided by smart energy for the State Grid Corporation of China’s business model. Focused on the analysis of smart energy marketing strategy and profit model, this paper lists the business model and scenarios under the developing tendency of smart energy and provides a detailed sorting and analysis for the smart operation and management of user service and ecological platform. This article aims to analyze the value of smart energy and provides possible business model choices for integrated energy suppliers.

Keywords smart energy, integrated energy, business model, ubiquitous power Internet of things

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