Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

A Rule-Based Energy Management Strategy for New Achitecture PHEB Zhendong Zhang, Hongwen He, Jiankun Peng



Plug-in hybrid electric bus (PHEB) have more potential fuel efficiency than traditional hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) [1]. For rule-based energy management, the fuel consumption can be significantly influenced by vehicle architectures and driving condition. Firstly, a specific PHEB transmission configuration utilizing two planetary gear sets was determined for urban road conditions, and different driving modes have been divided by controlling the clutch state. A PHEB model is built by MATLAB/Simulink in accordance with rule-based strategy characterized as a flow chart. Simulation results on china city bus cycle (CCBC) show that fuel economy (13.90 L/100km) still have room for improvement compared with dynamic programming (DP) based energy management strategy (EMS).

Keywords plug-in hybrid electric bus, energy management strategy, power-split system, State flow, fuel economy

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