Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

A Systematic Multi-Criteria Assessment Infrastructure for Residential Building Heating Technologies in China Chang Su, Hatef Madani, Björn Palm



China nowadays faces comprehensive challenges on supplying modern clean space heating to a majority of its citizens. Various building space heating technologies are implemented throughout north and south China. However, investors and policy makers are suffering from a lack of a systematic assessment tool to evaluate which heating technology to choose based on unique local conditions from techno-economic and environmental perspectives. This paper fulfills such research gap by proposing a multi-criteria assessment infrastructure to assist relative stakeholders evaluate potentials of different space heating technologies. The proposed infrastructure is multi-disciplinary and requires to handle a large amount of data from various sources, which can well reflect the feasibility of building space heating technologies systematically.

Keywords residential building, space heating, multi-criteria infrastructure, system analysis, China

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