Volume 15: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part IV

A Thermoelectric Coupling Dynamic Energy Consumption Model of Data Center in MATLAB/SIMULINK Environment Xiaoyan Ma, Shurong Li, Changgeng Zhang, Yunfei Mu



Energy consumption model is the key for energy demand reduction in data center, but existing models are usually static, which cannot well represent the dynamic coupling characteristics of energy consumption in each component and fluid change. To address this issue, this paper constructs a dynamic energy consumption model (named the DECM) to simulate the energy consumption dynamic process in MATLAB/Simulink platform. The DECM mainly includes two energy-consumption components of data center, namely information technology (IT) equipment and cooling equipment. For the IT equipment, a polynomial based general modeling method is proposed by fitting real data from the SPECpower_ssj2008 benchmark, so as to improve the modeling accuracy in data center. For the cooling equipment, a dynamic model consisted of server fan, computer room air conditioning (CRAC), chilled water pump, refrigeration chiller and cooling tower is developed, and the cooling system is coupled with IT equipment. Finally, taking a data center with 100 racks and having 10 servers in each rack as an example, simulation results illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed DECM while ensuring the internal temperature of data center at an accept able value to some extent.

Keywords data center, dynamic energy consumption model (DECM), energy efficiency, SPECpower_ssj2008.

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