Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

A Value Tree for Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Sustainable Aviation Fuels Salman Ahmad, Jamal Ouenniche, Phil Greening, Ben Kolosz, John Andresen, Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Bing Xu



Sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) can play a crucial role in reducing the aviation industry’s carbon footprint. Unlike conventional jet fuel production, SAFs could be produced via a combination of chemical processes and feedstocks. However, current studies have primarily focused on the techno-economic analysis of a single conversion pathway (chemical process plus feedstock), there is a lack of study on multi-criteria evaluations of multiple conversion pathways simultaneously. In this paper, a survey instrument is developed in which 106 experts participated in evaluating thirty-eight performance criteria across six production technologies or conversion pathways along the SAF supply chain. A generic value tree is thus obtained. The recommendations of this work are to be utilized as a foundation for stakeholder assessment of SAF planning.

Keywords sustainable jet fuels, value tree, environment and climate change, multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA)

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