Volume 45: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part VIII

A Well Performance Analysis about Vertically Fractured Well with a Non-Uniform Conductivity Hydraulic Fracture in Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoirs Based on Discrete Fracture-Matrix model Chengwei Zhang , Shiqing Cheng , Jing Xu , Xuesi Shen , Chong Zhang , Sha Lu



Tight gas is an unconventional gas resource. Hydraulic fracturing is necessary to the development of tight sandstone gas reservoirs[1-5].
In this paper, a Discrete fracture and matrix model is based on the open-source reservoir simulation software, MRST. It is also called Non-uniform DFM-WPA. It includes gas transport, non-linear gas properties and non-uniform conductivity hydraulic fracture.
We demonstrate the application of the new formulation to model the performance of the vertical well with a non-uniform conductivity hydraulic fracture in tight sandstone gas reservoirs by use of the Non-uniform DFM model.
Numerical examples are presented to prove the capabilities of the proposed approach. The application of this field case is also to prove the availability of this approach. It can overcome the limitation of conventional discrete-fracture matrix model about the characterization of non-uniform conductivity hydraulic fracture

Keywords tight sandstone gas reservoirs,non-uniform discrete fracture and matrix,non-uniform conductivity hydraulic fracture,well performance analysis (WPA), vertically fractured well

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