Volume 31: Clean Energy Technologies towards Carbon Neutrality

AI Guided Membranes Materials Development for Hydrogen Evolution and Separation Haoyu Yin, Xiaonan Wang



Hydrogen energy is one of the potential clean energy sources that could be used on a large scale. Membrane-based hydrogen evolution and separation is one of the most promising approaches to low-cost hydrogen production. However, suitable membrane technologies are lacking and the development of advanced materials needs to be accelerated. In this paper, we provide a mini review of artificial intelligence (AI) applications to hydrogen separation membrane and hydrogen evolution membrane reactor discovery. By referring to the AI-guided development cases, readers will obtain a concise perception of popular machine learning (ML) methods and how they work to realize targets in specific application. We aim to assemble ML methods with the membrane materials development process. Current limitations to be addressed and prospect of AI applications in membrane discovery are also highlighted in the conclusion.

Keywords Hydrogen energy, Machine learning, Separation membranes, Membrane reactors

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