Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Air-Conditioning Condensate Recovery in Hot and Arid Climate Regions: A Case Study Jose Carlos Galindo González, Carlos E. Arrieta González, Iván Mora Ustariz, Iván Maestre Arévalo



In this study, we evaluate the implementation of the concept of wastewater reclamation in the airconditioning system of an educative building located in a hot and arid climate region. In this building, Air conditioning condensates are not reused; a fraction of this condensates is disposed to the municipal sewage network while the other fraction falls into roads causing localized water stagnation that leads to the reproduction of endemic vectors. On the other hand, lawn and garden areas in this building are currently irrigated with potable water. Here, as it has been reported by other authors, we found that the amount and quality of air-conditioning condensates make viable to use it for gardening. Moreover, we describe a renewable alternative to collect, dispose, and transport the air-conditioning condensates for later implementation in lawns and gardens irrigation.

Keywords air-conditioning condensates, wastewater reclamation, garden irrigation, water pumping, solar energy, photovoltaic

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