Volume 6: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part V

An Adapted Rule-Based Method on Power Energy Management for Fuel Cell Vehicles Qingwu Liu, Hongwen He*, Jiankun Peng, Jianbin Lin



With severe environmental pollution pressures growing, research on fuel cell vehicles is increasing. Compared to electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles do not have the constraints of driving distances. Meanwhile, the emissions of fuel cell vehicles are cleaner than the traditional vehicles. This paper takes a fuel cell bus as the research object. Based on the characteristics of fuel cell vehicles,the Dynamic Programming algorithm is used to calculate the global optimal process for typical urban conditions. The drawback of the global optimal process is that the operating conditions must be known before.As a result, it is not reasonable to use dynamic programming in real driving condition. Therefore, we propose to use an adapted power management method to deal with the actual driving conditions.

Keywords Fuel cell vehicle, Adapted rule-based method, Power consumption, Dynamic programing

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