Volume 9: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part I

An Automotive Fuel Cell-Lithium Battery Hybrid System Model Considering Detailed Heat and Mass Transport Processes Yahan Xu, Zirong Yang, Yan Yin, Qing Du, Kui Jiao



Most of existing fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle (FCHEV) powertrain models ignore the real physical processes such as heat and mass transfer, and the researches of individual power sources do not consider the whole vehicle level. A comprehensive transient FCHEV model is developed, including an integrated fuel cell system model, a one-dimensional transient LiFePO4 battery model, and a vehicle dynamics model. A rule-based energy management strategy is developed, and simulations are carried out under China standard operating conditions of light vehicles. Output performances and dynamic responses of the hybrid power system are investigated. The results show that both fuel cell system and lithium battery can successfully work within a suitable range and simultaneously achieve good responsiveness.

Keywords fuel cell, Li-ion battery, FCHEV, rule-based energy management strategy

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