Volume 9: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part I

An energy efficiency measurement and calculation method and its application in data center Haonan Xi,Zhiguang He,Zhen Li



Data centers are energy-intensive buildings. Energy efficiency is an important indicator for data center energy consumption. The energy consumption of the data center needs to be measured under full load conditions. However, the data center cannot achieve full load generally. Therefore, it is necessary to open the dummy load equipment. The measurement takes long enough to get the energy efficiency value, which wastes a lot of energy. This paper introduces a new energy efficiency method of measurement and calculation. First, some temperature points are selected to measure the corresponding energy efficiency values. Then the energy efficiency-temperature model is obtained. Based on the imported annual meteorological data where the data center is located, the energy efficiency is finally calculated. Compared with the traditional method, this method takes less time and consumes less energy.

Keywords Data center,cooling system,energy efficiency

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