Volume 44: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part VII

An Evolutionary Game Model for EV and Charging Station Adoption Gang Yu, Xianming Ye



Electric vehicles and charging stations are pivotal tools in the endeavor to decarbonise the transportation system. The connection between the adoption of electric vehicles and the deployment of charging stations is widely recognised as a “chicken-and-egg” dilemma. This term describes a situation where the low adoption of electric vehicles impedes the installation of charging stations, and conversely, the limited availability of charging stations dampens drivers’ enthusiasm to switch to electric vehicles. To gain insights into this intricate relationship between consumers’ choices regarding electric vehicles and infrastructure investors’ decisions on charging station expansion, this study employs an evolutionary game model. This model not only captures the dynamic interactions involved but also considers the internal and external factors that influence these decisions. Leveraging this model, this paper analyses the impact of incentive policies on the adoption rates of electric vehicles and charging stations.

Keywords Electric vehicle, charging station, evolutionary game

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