Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

An Externally Fired Micro Combined-Cycle, with Largely Adjustable Steam Turbine, in a CHP System S. Barbarelli, E. Berardi, M. Amelio, N. M. Scornaienchi



This work stems from the idea of demonstrating the feasibility of using micro combined plants for the simultaneous generation of electrical and thermal energy, by external combustion of low quality fuels. In particular, this study is aimed at acquiring the knowledge necessary for the development of a small power plant consisting of a micro gas turbine and an innovative steam microturbine. The topping cycle is carried out with a micro gas turbine coupled with a heat exchanger and an external combustor, in which biomass is burned. For the bottoming cycle an impulse turbine has been adopted, characterized by a variable section nozzle, capable of expanding widely variable steam flow rates, with small efficiency losses.

Keywords renewables; biomass; combined heat and power; combined cycle; externally fired gas turbine; steam micro turbine

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