Volume 11: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part III

An Intelligent Infrastructure for Enabling Demand-Response Ready Buildings Amin Amin, Oudom Kem, Pablo Gallegos, Philipp Chervet, Feirouz Ksontini, Monjur Mourshed



In this paper, we present a novel approach developed through the TABEDE project to scale demand response across all building types. To this end, we propose an intelligent infrastructure that enables buildings to follow various demand-response schemes, that optimises the electricity consumption and generation of the buildings to reduce energy cost and promote RES penetration, and that is capable of connecting and controlling appliances seamlessly and in an interoperable manner. The approach is evaluated via a simulated district based on one of the project pilot sites in Cardiff, UK. The results show potential improvements to varying extents in solar PV self-consumption, energy cost reduction, and adhering to grid constraints.

Keywords demand response, energy prediction, energy optimisation, district simulation, smart grid

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