Volume 11: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part III

An investigation on mitigation of thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries using thermal barrier Caixing Chen, Huichang Niu, Zhao Li, Lei Li, Yi Zhu, Xi Jiang



Applying thermal barrier between batteries is one of the most effective method to mitigate thermal runaway (TR) of battery. This work investigated TR of a single battery considering the contact resistance between the battery internal cell and external hard shell, and TR mitigation using equivalent thermal barrier between batteries. The results indicate the contact resistance between the internal cell and external shell is around 0.0207 m2·K·W-1. For preventing TR propagation, resistance of thermal barrier should be higher than 0.01242 m2·K·W-1.

Keywords Thermal runaway, propagation, mitigation, thermal barrier, simulation

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