Volume 31: Clean Energy Technologies towards Carbon Neutrality

An Island Partition Method Based on Heuristic Algorithm and Prim Topology Generation in Active Distribution Network Chen Jiahao, Sun Bing, Li Yunfei, Jing Ruipeng, Zeng Yuan, Qi Zelong



More and more distributed generations (DGs) are integrated into distribution network (DN), and IEEE 1547.4-2011 standard encourages the conscious island operation of the DN. However, the fluctuation of DG output, power supply priority of load and operation state of interconnection switch are required to be considered in island partition, which greatly increases the difficulty of solving the model. An island partition method based on heuristic algorithm and Prim topology generation is proposed in the paper. In view of the shortcomings of the existing island partition methods, this method comprehensively considers the important influence of interconnection switch and power supply priority. The secondary outage constraint under fault state is also considered in the construction of island partition model, which makes the optimization result closer to the engineering practice. In addition, a heuristic prospective greedy algorithm is used to solve the island partition model. This method can effectively overcome the blindness of one-step selection and obtain a better scheme. The effectiveness of the method is verified by a case study of PG&E 69 bus system.

Keywords island partition, distributed generation, heuristic algorithm, Prim algorithm, interconnection switch, load priority

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