Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

An Optimization Dispatch Method for Multi-Microgrids Considering Restoring Price in Distribution Networks Restotation Hongkun Wang, Shouxiang Wang, Qi Liu



In order to resist the frequent natural disasters, distribution networks should have the ability of rapid restoring from post-disaster. Multi-microgrids (MMG) are playing an important role in the restoration of distribution networks. Firstly, the response model of load for restoration is built. The charging and discharging models of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) in microgrid are also developed. Secondly, a bi-level multi-microgrids coordinated optimization dispatch model is presented to improve the restoration of critical loads in distribution networks. At the upper level, multi-objectives with the maximization profit of microgrid and the maximization contribution rate for restoring critical loads (CRCL) of distribution networks are proposed. At the lower level, a dichotomy optimization algorithm of restoring price (RP) is proposed to minimize the purchase cost of restoration of critical loads in distribution networks. Finally, the proposed optimization dispatch method is validated by the case study on a distribution network with multimicrogrids. The simulation results indicate that the restoration is effectively improved through the proposed optimization dispatch method.

Keywords multi-microgrids, distribution networks, restoration enhancement, optimization dispatch, dichotomy optimization algorithm, restoring price

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