Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

An Optimization for Distributed Energy System Integrated with District Electricity Network Miao Li, Maojun Zhou, Hailin Mu, Xiaoyu Liu, Kun Xu, Hongwei Gao



This paper develops a mixed integer linear programming model for optimal design and hourly operation schedules of distributed energy system integrated with electricity network. In this model, the real time control of the electricity interchange among end-users was determined. As an illustrative example, the model was used to a case study consisting of three types of buildings, including hotels, offices and residential buildings, in Dalian, China. Through the optimization, configuration design (capacities) and operational results (energy supply control) are obtained. The results show that with the application of electricity network, excess electricity produced by hotels and offices were transferred to residential buildings in mid-season day. In winter day, all the electricity demand can be supplied by a combination of generated by PGU and interchanged from other buildings in the region and there is no need to purchase from utility.

Keywords distributed energy system, energy exchange, electricity network, real time control

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