Volume 11: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part III

Analysis of cost-effective energy efficiency measures for thermal envelope of a multi-apartment building in Sweden Youcef Boussaa, Ambrose Dodoo, Truong Nguyen, Katarina Rupar Gadd



A large potential for energy savings can be found in building envelopes of the existing Swedish dwelling stock. This study analyzes the final energy savings and cost implications of energy efficiency measures for an existing multi-apartment building in Sweden. Energy efficiency improvements consisting of high-performance windows as well as doors, and additional insulation to attic floor and exterior walls were modelled to the building’s thermal envelope. Dynamic energy balance simulations were performed to determine the final energy savings of the improvements. The cost-effectiveness of the improvements were then analyzed considering the net present value of the energy cost savings and the investment costs of the improvement measures. The results showed that additional insulation to the attic floor is the only cost-effective measure for the building under the existing operating conditions. The other improvement measures give high final energy savings but are not cost effective due to their high investment costs.

Keywords energy efficiency, cost effective renovation, building envelope, final energy savings, space heating

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