Volume 7: Urban Energy Systems: Building, Transport, Environment, Industry, and Integration

Analysis of Efficiency and Emission Reduction of Online Water Treatment Technology Yaoli Zhang*, Pengfei Wang, Gang Hong



In order to reduce the impact of fouling on the efficiency of central air conditioning chillers, and thus improve the energy efficiency of buildings, we propose a new type of special online water treatment technology (SOWTT). The effects of SOWTT were evaluated by tracking and calculating the operating efficiency, annual electricity consumption, annual electricity expenditure, and carbon dioxide emission reduction of dozens of chillers in Xiamen. The results show that compared with the mechanical cleaning technology, the SOWTT not only reduces the annual power consumption of the refrigeration unit, but also increases the emission reduction of carbon dioxide. At the same time, the COP of the chiller is also greatly improved, and the comprehensive benefits are remarkable.

Keywords energy conservation in building, dirt thermal resistance, special online water treatment technology, refrigeration coefficient, chiller

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