Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Analysis of Factors Contributing to Third-Party Damage of Natural Gas Distribution Pipeline Fulgence V. Makonelah, Cuthbert Z. M. Kimambo, H. Kihedu



Failure of the natural gas pipeline can have severe consequences to individuals, economy, environment and the public in term of consequential damage and property losses. There are various causes of natural gas pipeline failures among which third-party damage offers a high contribution. To minimize third-party damage of NGP contributing factors should be studied to establish viable solutions for risk mitigation. In this paper, factors contributing to third-party damage of NPG in Dar es Salaam region have been studied. A fault tree was constructed and by utilizing fuzzy logic and expert elicitation, the failure probabilities of the basic event were established. The prioritization of factors was performed by criticality measures. The results showed that lack of regulations awareness, unplanned settlements, encroachment and lack of HSE knowledge are among the high contributors of Third-party damage. Therefore, addressing these factors will help to mitigate NGP failures by third party damage.

Keywords Natura gas pipeline, Failure of the natural gas pipeline, Fuzzy fault tree, Third party damage

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