Volume 6: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part V

Analysis of Power Compensation of Energy Storage Device for Medium Voltage DC System With Sudden-Added Pulse Load Han Xiao, Zhi-hao Ye, Jing Huang, Yi-hui Xia



Aimed at solving the problem of DC bus voltage sudden drop in medium-voltage DC system, caused by the input of pulse power load such as high-energy weapon, the transient voltage changes of rectifier generator with sudden-added load is given by PSCAD simulation. The input of the pulse power load is equivalent to a small resistance load, and the input of the energy storage device is equivalent to a DC/DC converter in parallel with a DC voltage source to compensate the power required by the load. The simulation results show the relationship between the size of the pulse power load and the compensation power of the ES device.

Keywords pulse load, transient voltage, energy storage equivalence, storage compensation power

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