Volume 19: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part II

Analysis of the standard system of China for hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle related fields Caizhi Zhang, Yuqi Zhang, Min Fan, Yanyi Zhang, Dong Hao



The innovation of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology promotes the development and application of fuel cell vehicle, which also requires the real time follow up of relevant standards. This paper summarizes the domestic and foreign existing conditions of FCV related standard system at beginning, which contributes to a comprehensive comparative analysis. Subsequently, the potential gaps of existing standard system are summarized, and the possible reasons are analyzed. Finally, the development of fuel cell standards in China is presented. In the future, it is important to strengthen the construction of related standard system, so as to promote the high quality and high level development of fuel cell vehicle industry.

Keywords hydrogen energy, fuel cell vehicles, standard system

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