Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Analysis of Thermal Load Patterns for Commercial Buildings under Various Climate Zones in China Based on Clustering Method Xiang Deng, Zijing Tan, Xue Xue, Shijun Deng, Fuhua Kuang



Traditional climatic zoning method divides China into 5 building thermal design zones by taking average temperatures of the coldest and hottest months, as well as accumulated temperature days in a year as the key indices. The method may not properly reflect the real building thermal characteristics. This paper therefore proposes a novel building thermal design zoning method based on the clustering of building indoor thermal performances of a typical commercial building model under different climates across China. K-Means method is adopted for clustering process. Three representative cities are selected to analyses the dynamic characteristics of thermal loads. Meanwhile, a new building thermal design zoning map is eventually developed, and thermal load patterns of the selected cities are also identified.

Keywords climatic zoning, thermal load patterns, thermal performance, K-Means clustering, commercial building

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